MAYAM is a Prague-based brand that draws inspiration from East-Asian minimalism and matches it's philosophy with current trends in pop culture. The brand's essence lies in connecting opposites - east and west; streetwear with tailoring; traditional versus modern. Through these unexpected combinations a new contemporary fashion language is created. Original patterns are brought to life by high quality materials. Regardless of how much deconstructed or reshaped clothes are, the finish is clean with carefully crafted details.

MAYAM seeks to build genderless capsular wardrobe which consists of minimalistic but also extravagant pieces. These can be easily mixed-matched together and worn in multiple ways. Creating the whole new collection for every upcoming season seems like an old-fashioned and wasteful way. In comparison, producing limited drops, based on customer's preferences seems right.  

When developing new products, the biggest emphasis is directed towards the customer's review which results in the best selection of products to be sold under the brand's name. I am open-minded about made-to-order variations, so if you have any requests, please leave a message.